Full-Length Plays

Ordinary Day

Drama; 4W, 1M; 80 min.

Maggie and Henry struggle with memory problems, autonomy and sleeping pills as they navigate their lives despite interference from their adult daughter.  Maggie tries to manage the fine line between enabling her husband to carry out his own end-of-life decisions and her own need to be with him for just a little while longer.

Production:  Valley Players, Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater
                      Yountville, October 2018            
Staged Reading:  Playwrights Center of San Francisco Reading Series 2017
Developmental Reading:  Central Works, Berkeley 2016
Semi-Finalist:  Athena Project 2017; City Lights 2017


January 23rd

Drama; 6W, 6M; (with doubling) 3W, 3M; 90 min.

Inspired by a true event, Calvin Hayfield, a respected member of his community, is accused of felony third-degree sexual assault of his wife who has Alzheimer's Disease and is a resident of a nursing home.  Is Calvin a perpetrator or a loving husband?  Is Calvin's wife able to give consent?

Staged Reading:  B8 Theatre, Concord, 2018
Developmental Reading:  Central Works Theatre, Berkeley, 2017


Drama:  4W; 2M; 75 min.

Clinic Interruptus

In an attempt to "help pregnant women" seek alternatives other than abortion, Madeline takes over a family planning clinic only to discover that it is much more than she bargained for.

Developmental Reading:  Playwrights Center of San Francisco Reading Series, 2016

Lorraine Midanik

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